EU co-financed “Career Guidance” Meetings took place in Samsun.

Recep Ali Er, the Deputy Director General of Credit and Hostels Institution, attended the meetings held in Atatürk Congress and Culture Centre and Münevver Ayaşlı Girl’s Hostel on 21 December 2016.

In his speech, Mr. Er said; “We aim to contribute to our student’s development in social life while providing accommodation, nutrition, scholarship and credit services and we want to support their employment”. He also represented and gave detailed information on EU supported DEZODES Project.

The meetings held in Ondokuz Mayıs University, Atatürk Congress and Culture Centre on 21-22 December 2016 were repeated before and after lunch each day. In the meetings, job opportunities, preparing CV in Europass format, job and education opportunities from European Union and practical information on how to be an entrepreneur were shared by the representatives of Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR), Vocational Qualification Authority (VQA).

DEZODES project aim to increase the cooperation between universities and other institutions in order to deliver better services to disadvantaged higher education students with particular reference to helping them getting better access to the labour market and to enhance the capacity of the DG CHI to provide this improved service to disadvantaged students.

The project, which is based in Ankara, will also carry out local activities in Adana, Gaziantep, Istanbul, Izmir, Malatya and Samsun. Project provides following services: Student information meetings, Conferences, Workshops, Need analysis, Advice and assistance to improve the services provided by the personnel of the Directorate General of Credit and Hostels Institution, Regional meetings to strengthen the web-based Student Information System (SIS), Developing the service quality standard/check lists related to hostel services, Training for social workers and psychologists in DG CHI hostels as well as Job and Vocational Counsellors of ISKUR and impact assessment of EU financed scholarships.

EU and Turkey co-financed DEZODES (Project Supporting Disadvantaged Students) commenced its activities on January 2016 with total budget of 1.950.000 Euro. The project will take 18 months and will come to an end on July 2017.

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22 December 2016