Career Skills Trainings for KYK Hostel Personnel are Ongoing

A total of 60 people around Turkey participated to the 3rd leg of the trainings organized for the hostel managers as well as the social workers, psychologists working in the hostels. 

Trainings aiming at acquiring skills to support the employment of higher education students were given by Dr. Recep Varcin and Prof. Dr. Metin Pişkin.

In February 2017, during the trainings whose 1st two legs were carried out as 2-days trainings, concept of “career and vocation” as well as communication skills were touched upon.

By the joint work of KYK-DEZODES Project Training Advisory Group and the Head of Job & Vocational Counselling of İŞKUR, the coordination of the trainings was made. 2-days trainings designed to improve the career support skills of social workers and psychologists will be developed in line with the needs in the future and will be tested on students with pilot models. In the trainings, which will be carried out in the pilot provinces with the participation of the job and vocational counsellors of İŞKUR during March-May 2017, a total of 116 people will be trained.

2 March 2017